5 Questions: Chuck Ransom – The Chuck Norris Experiment

„The Chuck Norris Experiment“ is one of Swedens kickarse Rock ’n‘ Roll bands. I’ve already reviewed last years CNE album „Right Between The Eyes“ which I thought was absolutely awesome. Singer Chuck Ransom was so kind to answer a couple of questions.

5 Questions to Chuck Ransom from The Chuck Norris Experiment


Kevin: Please explain your band name.

CR: The band name CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is often believed to been taken after the US martial arts champion Chuck Norris. But as all true believers and lovers of Rock ’n’ Roll know, the band name is a tribute to the legendary American blues guitarist Charles “Chuck” Norris, who recorded the classic live album “Los Angeles Flash” in the bands hometown Gothenburg on June 25, 1980.

Kevin: You’ve been traveling a lot. Is there a special place, that you always love to visit again and again?

CR: There are many places we want to go back to! Los Angeles, and Palm Desert is on the „want to get back to“ list, and Abertillary in Wales is a place we are going back to in July again, an awesome little town. Other favourites are Berlin and Düsseldorf, but these places we visit at least once a year.

Kevin: What is the biggest challenge when you’re working on a new album?

CR: For us it is time. Mixing work with kids and a couple of girlfriends you do not get the time you need to write a new album. But we are getting there, hopefully release early 2017. We are working on the songs right now, and it sounds bloody awesome!

Kevin: Is there a instrument, like a special guitar, that you have sort of bonded with?

CR: I used to be a pretty decent guitarist back in the days, but these days I only sing. I let the other guys carry gear, buy expensive amps etc. It’s a good life to be the singer.

Kevin: What’s best about living a musician’s life and what’s worse about it?

CR: The best thing is the travels, the friends, the girls and the drinks. The worst is having to deal with other musicians and wannabe musicians.


Currently The Chuck Norris Experiment are playing live gigs and are working on a new album hopefully to be released in 2017.

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