Gracetonbury VIII @ the Brixton Windmill

It’s been quite a while, since I posted a concert. It’s has been a very busy start of the year. So I decided to take a little holiday. I booked a flight to London to visit friends, have a look at a couple of museums and finally attend to another Gracetonbury to celebrate the birthday of our dear friend Grace. It’s been ages since my last one and I was thrilled to see the bands my friend Les put on stage this time. I was familiar with some of them. I’ve seen many concerts of „The Deferred Success“ and Doozer. „Funke and the Two Tone Baby“ was playing at last years „Bearded Theory“ where I took pictures of „Carter USM“. „Abdoujaparov“ and „Allergy“ are the usual suspects at this lovely festival. I couldn’t wait to see „Ferocious Dog“. I’ve heard so much about them and since Les Carter had joined them on guitar I was keen to see how he would fit in.

So I went to meet a couple of friends I made through the Carter gigs before the show at a pub near the Windmill and had a couple of drinks and chats before the doors were opened. After two or three pints we decided it was time to walk around the corner and see some bands. The weather was brilliant, we’ve had a couple of pints of Roof Dog and it wasn’t a long wait until the first band came on stage. „Jono and the Uke Dealers“ were not only fun to look at because of their unusual lineup. It was a good mix of rock sounds and Ukuleles. I found them rather interesting und fun. The place was filling up fast and the room temperature was rising. So I decided to join some conversations and have a pint or two in the outside area to wait for the „Skraelings“ to hit the stage. They pumped up the volume and entertained the crowd with good old fashioned uk punkrock. I almost missed the next amazing band because I was waiting at the rather brilliant BBQ that was included in the 8£ for the ticket. Seriously, how bloody amazing is that? You pay 1£ for each band and you get a proper BBQ on top! That is unbelievable! I ate my delicious burger and joined „The Marksmen“ for their last two songs. And they were amazing. Just as I remembered them. It kept getting better and better. „Allergy“ proved once more that you can be an excellent cover band without being cheesy. It’s always a pleasure to see those guys rocking the stage. After 30 minutes of rock cover songs it was time for one of my favourite bands. „The Deferred Success“ are a phenomenon. Their singer Doozer writes absolutely fantastic songs. „I don’t wanna go home“ ended up being one of the anthems of this awesome evening.
Finally it was time for „Abdoujaparov“. I haven’t seen them play for over a year. And they are still a great Rock ’n‘ Roll Band. Les is certainly enjoying himself and it’s great to see that. The new songs are great and the classics are still very cool. Despite the fact, that the AC was working on full power, the temperature was almost unbearable. „Funke and the Two Tone Baby“ was next on the list. This guy is absolutely fantastic. Constantly reproducing himself with looping his own guitar riffs he produces a sound like a full band and the speed of his show is absolutely amazing. Almost everybody was dancing by the time he finished his set. Those who weren’t dancing had to take a rest and get some fresh air. The last band was not to be missed. „Ferocious Dog“ are playing a wild mix of Folk and Punk. So you get Les Carter playing his punksound rock n roll guitar riffs combined with a folkrock band featuring a fiddle. Now that was fun! Great fun to be honest. I was able to take a quite a few pictures of the band and the crowd before I got showered by about 5 pints of beer and what ever was in those glasses that fell of the speakers whilst I was sitting next to them taking pictures. 😉 It was a great night out, with friends, loads of beer and great music.

Thanks to Les Carter, we’ve had a fantastic lineup and thanks to the Windmill we’ve had a great venue and a lovely BBQ. It has been great! I can’t wait for the „Battitude“ in December. When we’ll all celebrate Les‘ birthday. 🙂

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