Klingonz & The Hard Fall Hearts at the Hafenklang Hamburg

After a long day at work, most people just go home, order a Pizza and switch on the TV. fI often go out to see a band. On this occasion I went to the „Hafenklang“ or actually one flight higher to the „Goldener Salon“.

Torpedo Booking from Berlin has put two very cool international bands on tour.
„Hard Fall Hearts“ from California kicked off pretty well. We heard really well played rockabilly. Not a wild show, but some great Rock ’n‘ Roll with nice melodies and hot guitars. It took them a couple of songs to get things going really well but after a short time people started dancing and having a really good time. „Hard Fall Hearts“ are an ambitious band and very professional, so I guess they will be around for long time. They’ve got a good style and they are playing really good, just the stage show needs a little pimping.

After this great warm up the „Klingonz“ finally entered the stage. The horror Clowns from out of space turned up the volume. Minimalistic and very fast psychobilly from UK. During the first song they gave out balloon cocks, that the audience immediately went berserc with. The place was packed. It took the Clowns two or three songs to really get going. They shot water and paper streamers at the audience and their showclown even swallowed swords, squeezed himself through a tennis racket and did all sorts of weird things to himself. The whole show is based on the fact that they all look like weird, sad, psychotic Clowns and they totally pull it off.
I definitely had a great time with cool and weird music.

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