TV Smith in our Humble Kitchen

So what do you do, when you like to see one of your favourite musicians live, as near as possible. You invite him into your home.
Actually it was a bit of a crazy idea in the beginning. On the day, I invited some friends to my house to celebrate the tour finale of „The Toten Hosen – Krach der Republik tour“ and watching the DVD we ended up having a massive party in the kitchen, drinking beer and listening to the Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1 of a certain Mr. TV Smith. Well actually it wasn’t listening. It was more dancing and singing along like we were seeing him live in concert. So we had the crazy idea to actually invite him to play in my kitchen in front of 15 people.
Since I have met Tim Smith quite a few times now and been sharing the stage with him, I was my job to ask him if he liked to play a very special gig. He was quite surprised and a bit flattered.
Everyone threw enough money into the pot to pay for the flight, a nice hotel room and of cause him for playing and we pulled it off. We had to keep it as secret as possible because we didn’t want strangers in our flat and certainly didn’t want too many people in there, too. It was supposed to be a very special concert for very few people.

Honestly, this was one of the best parties I’ve organised in my entire life. And there have been a few. At 5 ish in the afternoon he arrived at our house. We were having a nice chat, put up his merch on our kitchen table, which we had parked in the livingroom, because we obviously needed some space in the kitchen. The weather was great, everything was set up for a great party. We’ve had 2 crates of beer and 3rd coming, all packed in the fridge. At about 7.30 Tim went to check in at the hotel on the other side of the road and freshen up a bit. Right before the first guests arrived. I recon the hotel room was a backstage room Tim doesn’t have too often. Everyone was chatting, having a beer and waiting for Tim to come back. Finally TV Smith rang the doorbell. He entered the flat and got together with everyone. And actually putting together a setlist. I’ve never seen him doing that before. One of our guests had come up with a kind of a wish list. It as her birthday bash by coincidence. Since this list was a wee bit long for one evening, he had to pick and mix. After that was done there was still time for a quick beer on the balcony and another chat. Tim is definitely one of the nicest guys in the business. Otherwise this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible. He played all acoustic. No microphones, no pa system. This makes it all very hard work, because Tim had to sing louder than usually. He went through the set list scratching out the songs he had already played and adding a couple of songs he decided to play as he went along. The setlist was pretty amazing. „March of the giants“, „We Who Wait“, „Expensive Being Poor“ and „The Day We Caught The Big Fish“ are just a few of the great songs he played for us. We were having a great time. He played for 2 hours without a brake. He was very entertaining, telling little jokes and stories in between the songs. There was so much laughing, singing and dancing in this kitchen, it must have sounded like 50 or more people were in there. It was brilliant! A fantastic gig of a great songwriter.
Just before midnight he finished us off with his lovely punkrock poem followed by „One Chord Wonders“ and we went straight into Alex’s birthday.

The party went on and on. By 2 in the morning, I was talking to Tim about the Chris T-T concert I’ve been taking photos at. And he suggested to put on his latest album, which he had on his iPad. So we did. Have a listen into „The Bear“, it’s amazing. Tim was so into listening to Chris T-T that I was able to take a couple of really nice portraits of him. The party went on till four in the morning or so. I honestly can’t remember.

The next morning Tim came over for breakfast and picked up the rest of his merch. It was soon time to say good bye to a good friend. I’ll meet very soon for the first time in the UK, when he’ll be playing the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. And I’m really looking forward to that festival.

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